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Last Updated
10784909/25/2023Mixed NutsFallWed19:00Hdcp Adlt Mix159
10785109/28/2023Breakfast ClubFallWed19:00Hdcp Womens120
10799910/04/2023Monday Nite SkylanersFallMon19:00Hdcp Mens172
13156808/15/2023Summer Sport ShotSumTues19:00Hdcp Adlt/Yth Mix160
12013408/15/20232023 Summer ClambakeSumThur19:00Hdcp Adlt Mix156
10808110/04/2023Portland MixedFallMon18:30Hdcp Adlt Mix156
12748707/11/20232023 Wednesday Junior/AdultSumWed18:30Hdcp Adlt/Yth Mix129
10785709/28/2023Thursday Morning MixedFallThur09:30Hdcp Adlt/Yth Mix156
10800205/04/2023Friday SkylanersFallFri18:30Hdcp Adlt Mix178
12748807/26/2023Summer Monday MadnessSumMon19:00Hdcp Adlt Mix162
3327210/04/2023Phoenix ClassicFallTues19:00Scr Adlt Mix204
10799709/26/2023PMCFallThur18:30Hdcp Adlt Mix161
5948009/25/2023Saturday Night Mixed 2023FallSat18:30Hdcp Adlt Mix173
Bowler Name
Team Name
League Name
288Ficarro, BrianTo The Bar, B***hPhoenix Classic
284Pennachio, TonyDazed & ConfusedPhoenix Classic
279Smith, KameronFrank's RestorationPhoenix Classic
279Wojcik, CharlieKick You In The Bowling BallsPhoenix Classic
279Fiume, JoeThe Window TintersMonday Nite Skylaners
278Herbst, AlexWho's Bowling Now?Phoenix Classic
268Surdyka, RobertCinder Bar & GrillPhoenix Classic
267Beerwa, JohnnyJust Throw The RockPhoenix Classic
267Heckman, CalebDYLZ DetailingPhoenix Classic
267Fiume, JoeThe Window TintersMonday Nite Skylaners
266Longenbach, AndrewDur-Tee-Dur-Tee-DurPhoenix Classic
265Donovan, PaulDYLZ DetailingPhoenix Classic
262Herbst, AlexWho's Bowling Now?Phoenix Classic
261Oprishko, MikeDur-Tee-Dur-Tee-DurPhoenix Classic
259Heckman, CalebDYLZ DetailingPhoenix Classic
259Bockhorn, BryanJust Throw The RockPhoenix Classic
258Wojcik, CharlieKick You In The Bowling BallsPhoenix Classic
258Haverstock, KeithIs It Over Yet?Phoenix Classic
258Dickison, JackDream TeamPhoenix Classic
258Longenbach, AndrewDur-Tee-Dur-Tee-DurPhoenix Classic
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